Positive Affirmations not only help you feel positive about yourself, but also boost your self confidence. It's 2022 and our kids need to receive positive statements on a daily basis. 

What better way than on Valentine's Day to send statements of encouragement. 

Sweet Berry Lane has launched a new line of classroom Valentine's Day cards that are sure to will be a hit. Each card has a black boy or black girl with sayings such as: "You are awesome", "You are kind", "You are amazing" and "You are smart".   

Here's a look at the boys version:

There's also a version where your child can write in individual affirmations.  Suggestions for affirmations include: "You are unique", "You are loved", You are worthy", and "You are a great friend".  What other affirmations will your child come up with?

We know how busy everyone is and how times gets away from us, even with the best intentions.  That's why, Sweet Berry Lane decided to include digital downloads.  So, even if it's February 13th and you are running around trying to find cards, you can download the instant print at home version of the Positive Affirmation Valentine's Day Cards.